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Thursday, March 16, 2006

So they're not all complete morons in DC after all...


Definitely one of the worst things about my exile in Liberal Yuppieland has been the throngs of freakin' girliemen in this area. I'm sure they were raised as "feminists" by parents who consider themselves "progressive", but girliemen or metrosexuals or whatever the hell "enlightened" society is trying to mold them into, are in fact useless as men. Girliemen have no manners (even the most obnoxious of men at home will hold the door or help you lift something heavy); girliemen are so "enlightened" that they empower you to walk to your car by yourself after dark in the violent crime capital of the US and risk getting attacked. Again, the morally bankrupt, HIV-infected asshat attempting to rape you can tell the difference between a man and a woman; a "girlieman" is too educated and "progressive" to know the difference. Not to mention, what use is a straight man who can tell you all about moisturizers, but can't change a tire? Thanks, but that's what I have female and/or gay male friends for. Congratulations, you're "enlightened". You're also screwed when you blow a tire, clog the toilet, etc.

Metrosexuals: They're here, they're not queer, but they're close!

Although in all fairness, one of the more manlymen I know here is, in fact, gay.

And don't get me started on all the whackjobs who want to challenge "traditional gender constructs." Men and women are not equal, dumbasses. We're biologically, chemically, physically, emotionally, and socially different. Medical science has proven this again and again and again. Not inferior or superior. Just different.

And YES, there is a huge distance between my stance and the "they should never have given them the vote!" camp. Yes, there is. Get over it.

If these "progressive" intellectuals truly respected humanity and wanted people of each gender to be the best they can be, they wouldn't try to make people deny their natural selves to fit some whacked-out dystopian ideal embraced by the over-educated elite who have spent maybe 2 seconds outside the Ivory Tower in the real world. Sure, gender equality looks good on paper. So does Communism.



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