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Friday, April 07, 2006

Limited Edition.... SHOES?!?!?

They seem to start at $500, and go up to about $1600. 

Oh, come ON.  They're shoes!  And how can something be "vintage" when it's a reissue of a shoe first made in 1994?  If that shoe were a person, it wouldn't have even gone through puberty yet.  That's not antique.  Wearing something that was high-style 12 years ago is what's know as "bad fashion sense".   Which God knows dominated the 80s and 90s.   Hey, I have some decade old toilet paper, maybe I could sell that for a couple hundred clams?   It IS vintage after all...
If not for Sex and the City, this Manolo guy would be yet another over-expensive designer that the masses drool over, but know they can't afford.  But since TV portrays these shoes as something journalists can afford to purchase weekly.... they must be affordable.
I give it a week before some tool walks into work wearing them.  And a week and two minutes before she starts bitching about how she can't afford to save money, and how do people afford homes and children?  And three minutes after that until she starts cutting down my 9 wests or Steve Maddens (which only paupers wear) and criticising me for not spending more money on myself.  I must be stupid to save money if I am a childless nonhomeowner.  I give it two weeks before some armani-clad tool with middle-class parents I know from college who is now half a million dollars in student loan debt and working on their third masters degree in genocide studies or something equally lucrative - or working at a nonprofit for 12K a year -  is doing the same.


At 8:59 PM, Blogger Brian thinks I'm the coolest...

I think someone who would pay 1600 for a pair of shoes should be beaten about the head and neck until they regain some sense. I just bought a new computer and it is a very nice and fast computer and I didn't even spend $1600. With the exception of a very nice suit I would never ever ever ever pay 500 or more dollars for any clothing item. But then again I guess I'm just a dumb redneck who buys his shoes for 50 or less at Kohls, Shoe Dept, and Walmart or Target.

At 2:08 PM, Blogger michelle thinks I'm the coolest...

wow, I can't believe there are shoes out there that cost that much. Heck, I scream when boots are 150!

Plus all those shoes look hideous. I think the only one I'd wear are the nolitas or whatever they are


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