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Monday, May 08, 2006

More Sanctimonious Whining (about Gas Prices)

I am going to hurl if I hear one more overeducated liberal who fancies him or herself a tree-hugging hippie praise high gas prices.

"It will force Americans to stop buying SUVs, stop driving, and it'll be good for the environement!"

OK, live in the real world much? Americans drive because (a) public transport in this country sucks, and (b) affordable housing is so few and far between that most of us HAVE to commute an hour plus to get to our jobs because we can't afford even a rental property any closer to our jobs. Riding a bike 50 miles ( a pretty average commute) to work is not practical and it's not SAFE.

Just because YOU can afford to live in the 'gentrified' neighborhood (your self-congratulating smugness is about as pleasant to be around as passing kidneystones by the way) and bike a mile to work doesn't mean we ALL can afford that. Or want that safety risk/higher car insurance and taxes from living in that shithole.

Not to mention, gas prices going up is not only making getting to work, school, etc unaffordable; it's going to drive up the prices of other necessities like water, food, medicine, etc. Ever hear of inflation? Our salaries aren't going up the 50% that gas prices have, or the hefty price hike that commodities that need to be transported are going to have... (or the 300% that home prices have, come to think of it). So you're saying you're GLAD that American families are getting more and more impoverished?


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