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Thursday, May 18, 2006

On "Careerwomen"

Liberal Yuppieland is pretty much acknolwedged by its residents as being a bad community for those of us who desire commitment/marriage/family. (Damn US! We wish nothing more than for our "boring" traditional aspirations to wreck everyone else's lives.)

But the "theory" I have been hearing lately from men as to why they act less than gentlemanly and don't commit is that "women are too into their careers around here." I used to just write that off as "I'm too insecure to talk to a member of the opposite sex", but to be honest, I've just been hearing it too much lately and don't believe that so many men are so stupid.

So. Take this for what it is worth, from a beautiful woman who made manager at a pretty prestigious company at age 26. Long before gender roles, marriage, and finances even entered my conciousness, I was reading at 3 years old and scoring 1500 on the SATs at 16 years old, effortlessly. What can I say - I was born "smart". It's a genetic predisposition, not a choice on my part. Any time two smart people reproduce and the baby's female, chances are she'll turn out the same way.

But the point is - the only reason for me being where I am? NO OTHER OPTIONS. So for anyone thinking I find finance to be spiritually and emotionally fulfilling... not quite. It comes easy to me and it pays the bills nicely. The option for what I truly want - husband and family - has yet to present itself. Until it does, I need to eat, so I got a job. End of story. Furthermore, the fact that I don't have a second income (ie husband) doesn't negate my right to have enough money to have a reliable automobile, savings account, 401K, etc.

And I'm not the only woman in my shoes. In fact, I think the older we get, the more of us feel that way, and to a greater degree of intensity. I'll even go out on a limb and say that often (not always, because Anne A, you are brilliant!), the higher IQs my female friends have, the more often they seem to think like I do.

So guys - don't blame today's women. While feminism opened a lot of doors for us, it closed a lot of doors for us too, and we need to adapt and survive. And I might add, the working world is still very un-female-friendly. And the further a woman is removed from the "married with children" paradigm, the worse the work world is for her.

So that women you've been meaning to ask out? Do it. If she rejects you, 99 times out of 100, it's cause she's not into you, not cause she's too into her job.



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