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Thursday, June 22, 2006

CNN seems to get it... kind of...

Why the hell is CNN paying attention to blogs?! I'd kind of figure this forum for amateur journalists (none of us as gifted or brilliant as the wonderful Christiane Amanpour et ali) would piss off the professional journalists more than anything.

But in the meantime... How interesting that we're all bitching about gas prices. is it because they're out of freaking control?! This is not Europe, and there is no reason for gas to be $3 a gallon. Why the hell is our government not listening?

And on the subject of gas... ever think of implementing a halfway decent public transportation system? What about sufficient highway infrastructure so we're not all trapped in our cars for hours on end in some bottleneck? What about puttting some controls on the housing market (or perhaps crime) so that people can afford and desire to live within 30 miles of their jobs?


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