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Friday, June 09, 2006

Corrupt government and further evidence that the US is becoming a third world toilet bowl

Last night the Senate inadvertently the real reason gas prices are so freaking insane:  it's not just OPEC's racist, anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-Western  (and BTW, racism is racism is racism no matter whom it's directed against; and calling it "reverse racism" or implying that only American WASPS are capable of being bigots is... well, patently racist in and of itself)  agenda and Big Oil's greed... it's the corrupt American government also.

So you have Alan Greenspan in to talk about the root cause of rising oil prices - Big Oil's been planning a bottleneck since the 70s, ie, seeing that a need for increased capacity was coming and patently refusing to put the infrastructure in place to accomodate that.  It's so noble to broadcast the Senate hearings on looking into Big Oil's spiralling profits and insane price increases, but what's the freaking point of even wasting anyone's time or breath discussing the matter when the government has no intention of doing anything about it?

The smirks and eyerolling on the faces of the Senators (nice job, morons, not even keeping a poker face on national TV, to maintain some facade of actually giving a crap about the American public's economic welfare!) said it all:  Price fixing and gouging have been happening for a long time, and there is not a damn thing Uncle Sam is going to do about it.  Why?  To obtain employment as a politician you need to be rich -  you need to have come from generations of money to have not only the connections to get yourself elected, but thte funds to run your campaign and to feed yourself and dress the part until you win.  How have the majority of the wealthy-for-generations become that way?  OIL MONEY.

That's right.  It's a direct conflict of interest for anyone in Washington to do anything to put a stop to something that is financially crippling a lot of American families.   Sure, we Americans tell ourselves that we're sooo lucky that our government isn't all corrupt like (fill in the blank with any country but a Western European one).  It's obviously not true, so we need to stop lying to ourselves and take our heads out of our asses... leaving more room for us to take it in the ass when we visit the pump.  


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