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Friday, May 26, 2006

Women's worst enemies: One another

This one's for you, Reenie...

I have come to the conclusion that American women have noone or nothing to blame for "oppression" and unhappiness but ourselves. (And most recently, the lazy asses in homeland security are also to blame, for intentionally letting in 12 million illegal immigrants from a certain country where disrespecting, intimidating, harassing, threatening, and attacking Caucasian women is considered "part of the culture" and perfectly acceptable, and anyone who has a problem with that is racist, but that's for another post).

We evaluate one another for our "potential" and expect each other to be nothing less than 100% overacheiving and perfect in all aspects of life. Specifically, smart women are expected to become the next Andrew Carnegie or Albert Einstein, and beautiful women are expected to get married and have a family. And women who are both and "want it all"? Express that you have XYZ career goals, some self-righteous bitch will rip your head off: "What about a family?" Express that you want the 2.5 kids, husband, SUV, white picket fence, and some self-righteous bitch will rip your head off: "What about your career?" Basically, if you have a vagina, expect to be criticized. Make that "criticized from here to hell and back" if you have the nerve to be female, beautiful, and smart. And God forbid you ignore all those psychotic ravings, identify what it is you need to be happy, and go for it. You're a woman! You don't DESERVE to be happy!
And the women who hit the genetic jackpot and were born both intelligent AND beautiful - we're anathema. Why? Jealousy. Smart-but-unattractive women and Pretty-but-dumb women want nothing more than to convnice themselves and the rest of the world that intelligence and beauty are mutually exclusive. Seeing a woman who has both just takes away this excuse and makes their poor little PC self-esteem worse. Hey, people - those of us who are both... yeah, we lucked out to get both qualities. But in the name of soothing YOUR pathetic feelings of inadequacy, we are NOT going to back down, apologize for who we are, and not be our real selves so that YOU can feel better. This is who I am and who I'm going to be tomorrow, whether or not that makes you feel inferior to me. There's always going to be someone smarter, thinner, richer, prettier, better off in life than you. The world is not fair, and life is not equal. Deal. And shut up and quit projecting your inane insecurities onto me please.

Here's the rub, though. It's not men or society doing this to us, women are doing it to each other. We lost the ERA, so according to the jackass Baby Boom/Bust/Gen X "feminists" that negates our right as a sex to be happy. That's right, in the name of liberation, let's all three billion of us make each other as miserable and guilty as humanly possible. It will advance women's cause like no other if we're all bullying each other. I've had this small disappointment in my life (caused either by circumstance or by my own choices and actions) therefore I'm going to do my best to make sure you don't succeed in anything, even if your goals are the furthest thing from anything I've ever wanted.

No wonder the ERA failed, the congressman saw NOW (and our entire gender) for what we are: a bunch of freaking psychos. We can't stand to see one another succeed or even be happy. You can't respect, empower, or assist a group who continually degrades, disempowers, and puts obstacles in place for each other.



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