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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Publicity Stunts

What a weird-ass idea... I personally am hoping she goes for option three (aka rescue an innocent baby from the famine and HIV ridden hellhole that is Namibia) rather than join some freakish religion that's done more harm than good (Dune was a FICTIONAL book, you stupid losers!), gives some spoiled rich brat a free mani/pedi, or make a sex tape with some old hag nobody's ever heard of.

Sure, it's cheap to use a baby as a pawn in your publicity stunt, but it's good to see celebrities imitating each other when they do something positive that actually helps people. Blowing smoke from your ill-informed "let's jump on the liberal bandwagon and be hip and PC" opinions and doing not much else is not onlly pathetic but doesn't help anyone. Susan Sarandon, when was the last time you did something tangible to help the victims of the "republican conspiracies" you've so nobly identified?

It's the same issue I have with liberal yuppieland really - talk is cheap. Do something if you want to make a difference. Nobody here ever does. Regardless of Kathy's motives, there's a very positive end: some little kid may be getting a chance to live HIV-free and see their 44th birthday.


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