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Monday, December 25, 2006

Proof they really DO hate kids in China

Seems China has gotten just as stupid as the USA in terms of who can and can't adopt. It seems it's now better for a child to rot in an orphanage than to be adopted by a fat parent. Or a depressed one. Or - gasp! - one who's on their second marriage.

See, I hear a lot of criticism of those who adopt from abroad, rather than from the US. Well, from what I understand, you need to have a perfect, shiny-happy record for the last several decades to be considered a fit adoptive parent. (Unlike being considered a fit biological parent, which seems to require functioning ovaries and/or testicles). So American orphans rot in foster homes for 18 years and get all screwed up, when all along they could have been adopted by loving parents, who, say, maybe had to seek counseling once in high school, or possibly grew up in a less-than-Ozzie-and-Harriet-home. The weird truth is there is *no* perfect parent out there. They're *all* going to screw their kid up in some way.

But in pursuit of unattainable parental perfection, there are kids in need of parents and wanna-be-parents in need of kids, neither is getting their needs met, and everybody's sad and suffering. Great going.

Now China's jumping on that bandwagon. Not only are they keeping kids and adoptive parents from each other, but they are forgoing the $14K in tourism and legal revenue (times God-knows how many couples each year) that they generate each time someone comes to their country to adopt a child.

Over some stupid prejudice about fat people.


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