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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Me Next!

Welcome, traveller, to the Brave New World of the Planet Bell Jar.

Here, our society has no flaws, our people no faults. Yet a lot of life can still really suck here.

"How?", you ask. "If you society and your people are both intrinsically perfect, how do your lives manage to completely suck sometimes?"

Well... it's not that people are asshats, or that anything is wrong and needs to be fixed. Simply, every freaking personality flaw we have is the result of a disease. That's right. For example, we don't get "road rage" becase half the people from this country can't drive, nor because the highway infrastructure here is piss-poor and the public transportation options non-existent, nor because of macroeconomic and social problems that force people to spend a couple hours a day commuting. It's those damn neurochemicals betraying us again.

I'm just waiting for PC pseudopsychiatry to tell me and my loved ones that the fact that I'm a complete and utter bitch with the intelligence of a houseplant before my daily coffee, is in fact, due to a rare neurological disorder. Remember, it's not my fault I am addicted to caffeine - it's those godawful genes I inhereted from my (white male, and therefore inherently evil) father.



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