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Friday, September 29, 2006

The Popular... Cancer?!

I'll be the first to admit, I'm registered for some of the Cook for the Cure items at Bed Bath and Beyond. Why not, they're really cute and I like the fact that some of the profits from that overpriced stuff are being donated to cancer research.

What I'm wondering though is why is it only offered in pink? Other gynecological cancers are just as deadly to women and just as underfunded as breast cancer. And there's just as much misinformation and lack of information out there. In fact, thanks to Managed Health Care, your gynecologist isn't necessarily required to *tell* you if you are at a high risk for cervical cancer (AKA abnormal pap smear), the onus is on you to hunt him or her down and ask. Why is there no hip, trendy cause to raise awareness of and find a cure for these cancers? Or any of the myriad other cancers that there are that affect both women and men?

Cancer totally sucks and I'm all for finding a cure. My heart goes out to everyone else who's lost someone they loved, watched a friend suffer through chemo, or gotten that lifealtering diagnosis themselves. There are just far too many of us affected out there. But that said, why the emphasis on just one specific kind? Where and how are the survivors of the other types of cancers and the loved ones of those who lost the battle supposed to rally and find solace? Bravo to the Susan G. Komen crowd for raising the money and awareness that they have - more power to you all! But is contemporary American society really so shallow that we need a cute little gimmick before we're able to take notice of and care about a very dire issue, before we have to deal with it on a personal level?

A great idea would be to design a line of coffeemakers to support some other kind of cancer. My buddy DonTrump at home tells me that coffee is America's biggest source of antioxidants. Sad but beleiveable if it's true. Make them as cute as this Kitchenaid stuff and they would sell like crazy.

I challenge any of you internets to come up with ONE product whose sale benefits any other type of cancer, much less a line of said products, and I will make sure to register for it.

PS - How said is it we have to sell pink blenders and such to take care of our own - none of whom have done a damn thing to deserve their awful fate - while we blow trillions of dollars on a useless, fruitless war?


At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous thinks I'm the coolest...

Hmmm my guess is that the marketing folks at Susan G Komen foundation and the like are really really good at their job ;) That and people like me like pink!

I had a coworker bitch about how breast cancer awareness is so played up and everyone makes a big deal out of it, but what about male prostate cancer? Why don't people make as big of a production to raise awareness for that? I told him that I've been supporting breast cancer awareness since I joined my sorority whose philantrophy happened to be that. Ever since I've been committed. I told him that instead of complaining he can go out there and do something about it. That shut him up. That 5K I'm going to attempt to run this month supports prostate cancer.

That goes to show that there are things out there to raise awareness. They are just not marketed as much. This 5K (PACE Race)has been around as long as I knew about Susan G Komen. Celebrities raise awareness for all sorts of causes. I remember seeing ads that sold bracelets or necklaces for AIDS awareness. It's all out there, but I think breast cancer awarness is the most marketed. That and pink really stands out! :D


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