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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Open Letter to Liberals Who Lurk Here

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I always love to "meet" new internets.

Although I'm not really a "political" person, my values/viewpoints/etc tend to be more of the right wing variety. I have certain frequent visitors who have different worldviews from me, but in general are able to be respectful and contribute positively to my posts, even if they think I'm on glue.

However, I am aware that the word "Liberal" denotes "intolerance for anyone who thinks differently from I", so if you are a Liberal, much of what I have to say will probably really piss you off.

But as you have noticed, I have the comments moderation button turned on. That means if you post here trying to attack me personally, ie, suggest I join a certain hate group (hello! Even if I didn't find that shit completely repugnant, the fact remains I'm not a WASP) just because I choose not to live downtown, cuss me out because I think some public figure you adore is a douchebag, or tell me the world would be a better place if I shot myself because I don't like terrorists, or call me a word that even I wouldn't say because I like Israel, etc, etc, I'll be disapproving your comments.

Am I suppressing your freedom of speech? To a degree, but tough shit. Last I checked, the Internet was a lawless and nebulous body that isn't governed by a Constitution. This is MY webpage and I am the master of all I survey here. Love it or leave it.

And if you don't like my color scheme, such that it bothers you enough to mention it on your website - bite me. That or help me design a new template.




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