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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Medical unethics

So I just stopped by the health fair at work because I can't resist free pens, magnets, and candy. I'm a dork like that. I grabbed a really cool metal pen and a hershey kiss off a table and heard:

"Hi there! I'm Casey! Let me tell you all about liposuction!"

And this woman around my mom's age launches into a looooong description and sales pitch of lipo (thank you so much for telling me what liposuction is, I'd never heard of it), what she can do for people, shows me all the before and after pictures of her surgery, and asks my name so she'll recognize it when I call for a consultation.

Um. I'm a size 2, very much height-weight-proportional, to the point where my cheeks sink in a little sometimes. At my last medical appointment, the nurse even told me, "You don't need to be any skinnier." And obviously (I like to think) I look to be a younger woman, which means I'm probably not even started with, much less done with, having kids, so having any sort of plastic surgery on my body at this point would be pretty stupid unless it was reconstructive or something. (Who'd want to spend all the dough on lipo just to get all fat and pregnant again in a few years?)

Basically, I am by no stretch of the imagination overweight, and quite honestly I am APPALLED that a professional who'd taken the Hippocratic Oath would try to sell me liposuction! What the hell is wrong with people, a significant fat loss on me would probably make certian organs in my body stop functioning. Sure, businesses are all about making money, but jeez, medical malpractice suits aren't cheap either!


At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous thinks I'm the coolest...

She's right, you're totally fat and SOOO need lipo!!! hehe jk

What was lipo lady doing at your work's health fair? Is liposuction covered?

At 12:24 AM, Blogger Lab_FROG thinks I'm the coolest...

Well Frog hopes that you are not encouraging more intervention by the FDA. Obviously any healthy woman with a good self-esteem would find an offer of liposuction surgery to be humorous/insulting. In time such medical firms should be expected to go out of business.


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