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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Holy crap! Liberals, here go your excuses...

It would seem that there is yet another arguement against killing human embryos for medical research purposes... if you absolutely, positively need embryonic stem cells (ie, if the more stable adult stem cells, you know, the ones with a better track record of yielding results, just won't do), you can now get them from adult skin cells.

Assuming the (borderline liberal rag) Washington Post isn't lying, then, that's one less reason to murder the unborn - instead of sacrificing a human embryo's life to get some stem cells that (a) may be rejected by the donor's body and (b) may not develop quite right anyway, you can just take a little bit of that person's flesh and get what you need.

So it would seem ... that the pro-embryonic stem cell crowd is not so much lifesaving medical pioneers, but rather a modern-day American Josef Mengele movement.


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