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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Come ON, Wonkette...

Honestly, it was pretty cool to see a link to my piddly little blog posted on such a staple of the blogosphere such as yours... But please, in the future when you quote someone... try to capture their message more accurately.

Some statements made by Ann Coulter really offended me, and contributed to a sneaking suspicion I have that she's actually a woman-hater (aka Feminazi, who these days also seem to hate most women, specifically those who have something going for them besides careers.) She minimized the grief of bereaved families. Distasteful. There is also a gap between what she practices and what she preaches. My post said just that.

There is a big difference between a woman-hater and a lesbian. Huge. One might even hope that, given that these are the people with whom they fall in love, lesbians hate other women less than straight women do. Unlike Ann Coulter, lesbians are getting married, adopting and having children, or fighting hard for the legal right to do so. Implying that someone is a lesbian because she is cruel to other women and publicly denigrates their marriages and families, is just plain ignorant. Obviously, that namecalling started with "Anonymous", but two wrongs don't make a right.

It's no wonder gays and lesbians are still unfairly treated like second-class citizens in this country, when they are constantly Satanized even by a more "progressive" forum such as Wonkette. Keeping a group of citizens down, especially for something that is biologically based, is only hurting society.

Further, Ani is bisexual, not a lesbian. Maybe you meant to say"has a lot of KD Lang records"?

Everyone - keep reading, commenting, and showing love. You rock! Just please don't use my blog to hate on gays and lesbians.



At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Intern Nick thinks I'm the coolest...

The joke wasn't a sexuality one - more like just an "angry chick" one.

At 7:09 PM, Blogger TooMuchCoffeeLady thinks I'm the coolest...

I suppose I'll take your word for it, since you write for Wonkette and all... It's just that I associate "angry chick" with more Alanis than Ani.

No biggie; I'm glad to have been mistaken. And thanks again for the mention. :-)


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