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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another Public Service Announcement: To "THAT guy"

The "one who got away"... got away for a reason. She may have lost interest in you because you were either an ass or failed to display understanding of the most basic of dating etiquette/how to treat a woman. It's your problem, not hers. And no hard feelings, but for the love of GOD... learn to understand that most of the time, when you have a few dates with someone, and it fizzles out, for whatever reason... the other party considers it case closed.

Whether you weren't interested, she wasn't interested, you wanted different things - it just wasn't a fit and didn't work out. If she was really that great, and you were really that into her, you'd have done things differently and not let her go. But since that was not the case, understand why she may not be interested in revisiting anything. You didn't make her feel like you thought she was worth the effort, so she cut bait. She has no hard feelings for you, just considers the chapter of her life that involved you - however brief - closed.

And don't bitch about it to her - she's probably flattered you see her as such a fantastic catch, but annoyed that you didn't make more effort.


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