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Monday, July 10, 2006

Et tu, Marie Claire?

Oh, come ON. Keep this crap up and I'll consider cancelling my subscription.

I open the August issue of one of my favorite magazine trio (the other two are Cosmo and Glamour) to find the following drivel published in an interview with a female scientist based in Cote D'Ivoire:

(when asked to comment on the Harvard dean's statement that men and women think differently)

"Science has proven that intelligence is determined by the X chromosone... Maybe in a few thousand years men will have died out, and we women won't have to deal with them."

Did I sleep through biology class? Because I thought men had X chromosones too. Not to mention, I thought they were sort of needed for the continuation of the human, or any species that requires sexual reproduction. All I know, is it's really intelligent and really fair to go bashing 1/2 the human species like that. Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and Steven Hawking are all complete idiots after all - they must be, they have pee-pees.

I won't even touch the fact that this lady is a never-married, single mom. I'm sure that has nothing to do with her bitterness towards men. Ten bucks says some hot, rich, intelligent brain surgeon will read that article and propose to her because she's got such a great attitude.

But I will touch the fact that wrapped around this feminazi drivel were about 200 pages of how to look and dress prettier, take better care of our hair, and look younger.... when most women worry about that stuff either directly or indirectly to attract men.

Either MC are hypocrites, or they secretly desire an evil fembot race to take over the earth.

I must now congratulate my ex (an intelligent creature, despite that Y chromosone) for drilling a hole through an issue of MC once. Perhaps he was trying to preserve my sanity, rather than trying to get my goat.



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