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Friday, July 07, 2006

TMCL's deliciously evil prank of the day

Called my college friend Jason from my new office number (which he does not have), and hilarity ensued. I think I've got a rep...

Jason: "Hello?"
TMCL: "Jason... This is Stacy. We met a few months ago, remember me?"
Jason: "Um... in the personal or the professional sense?"
TMCL: "Personal. We had that one night stand, you were really drunk? Listen, we need to talk. I'm pregnant, and it's yours. Let's talk about child support."
Jason: "I - what the - how... TOOMUCHCOFFEELADY IS THIS YOU?!?!"
TMCL: "Am I seriously your only friend who pulls practical jokes or something?"
Jason: "You scared the crap out of me... Next time, try it on a straight guy though, it would have been much more effective."

At least I had him going for a second there....


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