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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ladies with Cooler Lives than Mine

1. Since she did send me a free copy of her book and all, for advertising her book on my site, it would have been bad manners not to read. Rebecca Agewich's BreakupBabe, based on her blog and a shitty part of her life, was awesome. It is a thought provoking and insightful book, disguised as a fun adventure in avantgarde literati.

2. Speaking of brainiacs whose biting social commentary is disguised as fun reading, I am still waiting for Claire Zulkey's next novel to be published. This chick points out the elephant in the room that is our crazy universe in her trademark amusing, smartassy way. I read her blog pretty often, am pissed that I missed her last novel before Amazon stopped selling it. It's beyond trippy to see someone a few weeks older than you (NO, being a gerontophobe with a slight complex about my relative lack of acheivements, I can't just say "your age") be all famous: I was reading that crappy free paper on the train a few summers ago, and there in the middle of the arts section is that chick I knew from school. Pretty cool that she didn't sell out and get the boring corporate job that most of our class did; she was the only one at our recent class reunion whose job wasn't totally boring. I wanted to be a writer too, but my ESTJ ass could neither stomach the risk nor turn down the dough people were throwing my way for not being scared of Excel. Claire, if you don't tell me when your next novel is being published, I will fabricate embarassing drunk stories and embarassing glasses/pajamas/messy hair photos to share with the world, and people will believe me because I used to sleep on the other side of your wall.


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