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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The difference between a Fiance(e) and a Boy/Girlfriend

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it annoying when someone insists on referring to someone's fiance(e) as "your boy/girlfriend". Dude. A boy/girlfriend is someone you are "just dating" - you may or may not have any intention of marrying that person. But, for now, you're not ready to take that step, and enjoying the present with that person - be it in the occasional date or in a full-blown "living in sin."

And yes, from a legal standpoint, being engaged is the same as just dating (or just being friends, or not knowing that person from Adam). But from an emotional/social standpoint, is it ever different. If you have anything resembling a healthy relationship with your fiance(e), then of course the two of you are still having dates and enjoying the moment with one another. For many, saying "Will you marry me"/"Yes! I will!" is the emotional equivalent of "I do". And, following the period of insanity known as "wedding planning", at the end of the engagement and being fiance(e)s is the legal commitment known as marriage. See the difference? Referring to someone's fiance(e) as their "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" basically discounts the commitment these two people have made to one another and downplays the sacred, important journey the two are undertaking together.

I can speak only for myself here, but the only people I have ever heard refer to Mr.TMCL and I as "boyfriend/girlfriend" since we got engaged either didn't like one of us, didn't support our marriage in particular, or didn't support marriage in general.

Conclusion: If someone is engaged, they have a fiance(e). NOT a boyfriend or girlfriend anymore.

This PSA has been brought to you by TooMuchCoffeeLady.


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You are a RIOT!
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