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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What the hell, Hot Topic?

"TMCL, you really are obsessed with this Cheese fella, aren't you?" - Mad Asian Woman

Yes, Mishl is right, which is part of the reason I am so outraged and saddened by Hot Topic's latest editions to the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends line.

I mean, they've misquoted Cheese all over the place! It's "GottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGo", not "CheeseGottaGo". And it's "I'm a horsey!" not "I wanna horsey". "I like chocolate milk", not "Cheese like milkshakes". And so forth, and so on.

People, people, people! MacMcCracken and Candi Milo have got to be the greatest comedic genuises of all time for creating Cheese, and you can't even get the guy quoted right? Cheese saves lives! Cheese saves marriages and brings families together! There is nothing Cheese can't do. In many ways, his cross-eyed smile, club foot, and flatulence are humankind's only hope!

The "I Pooted" body spray is the only thing that might redeem you from my banning your store from my conciousness for good. Might. If you want to take a stab, Hot Topic corporate folks (would it ever be hilarious to meet you lot!) send me an email, and I'm more than happy to provide my mailing address.


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